South Shores annual meeting tonight


A quick reminder!

South Shores Community Association Annual Meeting
Tuesday, January 16
7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30)
South Shores Performing Arts Magnet School auditorium
2060 West 35th Street

L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn and
L.A. City Councilman Joe Buscaino will be in attendance.

Check out the agenda in the 2018 View Point available on the SSCA website.

We hope you can join us!

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Neighborhood Watch follow-up

LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Eve Wight has a follow-up to Monday’s Neighborhood Watch meeting in South Shores for all that could not attend:

1. We continue to address the issue of trash scavengers in the area, one guy was recently cited, both in South Shores and in North Western San Pedro where his vehicle was impounded.

2.  Crime in South Shores has been pretty low for the last couple of weeks, and a lot of that has to do with you folks.  Clearly you have been diligent about locking your doors and windows, and not leaving valuables in plain view in your vehicles and homes.  GOOD WORK! Lets keep it up.  Unfortunately, however, the rest of San Pedro isn’t doing so great.  So it is important to maintain your good security habits when you are out and about around town.

3. The Albertson’s on 25th and Western has been seeing an increase in what we in the Police business call a “Beer Run.”  Kids come in and grab a six pack then make a run for it.  These crimes are thefts, but they can wind up being reported as a”Robbery” when the suspect is confronted by and employee or citizen and uses force to escape capture.  There has already been one robbery of this type reported at the Albertson’s.  Be mindful that just because the Daily Breeze crime report says robbery, it doesn’t necessarily mean bad guys with guns and ski masks.  I have already spoken with the management at the store and we discussed come possible solutions to the problem.  The most obvious of course in increased security.  I urge you all as I did at the meeting to write a letter to Albertson’s Corporate Offices.  Let them know you don’t feel safe shopping there and that you are hoping that the Corporate office can give the store some support in getting extra security.

4.  Rec and Parks will be making some updates and improvements to Alma Park [21st St and Meyler] in the hopes that it will reduce the amount of criminal activity that has been developing there.  I will let you folks know how the improvements are going.

5.  We recently had an issue with supposed “Charity” curb repainters.  They come by and leave you a notice that says if you don’t want your curb repainted post this sign on your door.  If you don’t post the sign, they repaint your curb and expect you to pay.  You are under no obligation to pay for a service that you did not request.  Don’t let these guys intimidate you.  If they come down to the neighborhood and you feel as though they are getting aggressive, call 911.

6.  I attended a meeting today regarding the landslide.  There is going to be some work done over the next two months to clear up the area, secure the raw edge and create some drainage for water, hopefully before the rainy season really gets under way.

7.  We also talked about the cyber block captain program that we are trying to get started here at the station.  The CBC would be our main contact person for their block or area and they would maintain an email list of their neighbors.  We here at the Station could then forward out crime or suspect information to the CBC who would then be able to share that information with his or her email list.  We are asking for volunteers for this position.  It would require you to “pound the pavement” a little bit and get some additional names and emails, but once the lists get going we think that it will be an awesome resource.  Please email me if you are interested in volunteering as a CBC on your block or in your area.

8.  Rec and Parks has received the request to trim the greenery in and around Bogdanovich Park, so they have it on their list and hopefully will get to it sooner rather than later!

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Do you live next door to a sex offender?

Have you checked out the Megans Law website? If you have children or take care of a child or grandchild, it would be a good idea. The website displays the last registered address reported by more than 63,000 persons required to register in California as sex offenders. It also displays a picture of the offender and what offenses occurred. There is an informative page on How to Protect Yourself and Your Family.

California state law prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of any school or park in California. Los Angeles County has a law that prohibits registered sex offenders from loitering within 300 feet of “child safety zones,” which include schools, libraries and parks.

LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Eve Wight has an update for us regarding a registered sex offender living in South Shores:

Hello Everyone,

I received an answer from our R.E.A.C.T. [Registration Enforcement and Compliance Team] team here at Harbor Station.  I am sad to inform you that there is a registered Sex Offender who is providing his home address in the Mobile Home Park on Catalina Vista off of 25th St.  He is required to check in with our Officers here at the station on a regular basis.  If he were to fall out of compliance with that requirement a warrant would be put out for his arrest and his probation would be violated.  If you are interested in learning more information regarding this individual and others in the area you can go to the state’s Megan’s Law website at and conduct a search by zipcode.

These individuals are monitored closely by our R.E.A.C.T. team.  I want to let you all know that the officers we have working on that team are excellent.  They have working in that position for over three years and [are] very hard workers and committed to maintaining a close eye on these individuals.

If you have any questions or if I can clarify anything please feel free to contact me.

-Eve Wight

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Neighborhood Watch recap

If you were not able to make it out to the South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting this week, Officer Eve Wight has written a recap (below) of what was discussed.

Officer Wight gave us two telephone numbers you can call for non-emergency situations: LAPD Harbor Area Front Desk 310-726-7700 (press “1” as soon as the recording starts) or 1-800-ASK-LAPD. In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Hello Everyone!

Well we had quite a successful first meeting tonight.  I am thrilled by the turnout and was really happy to see everyone there.  Everyone getting this email should feel really proud of yourself and your neighbors.  You are wonderful group of people, who clearly really care about your neighborhood, your properties and your neighbors.  As a neighborhood you are your own best first line of defense; and what a first line of defense you folks are!  I was impressed with your enthusiasm, focus, interest and support.  I’m so glad that I get the chance to work with you all, and here’s to more great meetings in the future!

First things first!  I want to say a huge thanks to Dr Suzuki from South Shores Elementary, for so generously again, allowing us the use of the auditorium.  It is such a pleasure and makes everything so much easier to have such a large central place to hold meetings.  So again, thanks to you sir!

Also a big thanks to Mingli and the other members of the community and Homeowners Association Board for taking the time to get the word out to all your neighbors about the meeting.  I wish that I had the time to knock on everyone’s door and invite the whole neighborhood, but unfortunately I just don’t and I have to rely on you folks to do that.  So thanks again to you all for taking the time.

So I will try and keep this update email as short and painless as possible…so here we go.

Firstly, I talked about the solicitors and as we’ve been discussing over email for the past few months you are not required to open your door to them or to interact with them in anyway.  If you do choose to speak with them, NEVER let them in your home.  They will often use a ruse such as needing to use the restroom or your phone in order to attempt to steal your money, credit cards or even prescription medications.  The point was made that if you address them through the door you will serve the purpose of letting them know you are at home.  And on the off chance that they are “casing” the neighborhood they will then know that you’re home and that you’re watching.  Also the Los Angeles Municipal Code states that anyone over the age of 16 engaged in door to door solicitation, SHALL, upon request by the person being solicited or by law enforcement produce a photo identification card and the original or a copy of the city issued permit.  The ID card must be issued by a governmental agency or an educational institution and include the person’s date of birth.  If they cannot, or will not provide either or one of these things upon your request then they are in violation of the LAMC section 41.31.1(c), 41.31.1(d).  In addition “aggressive solicitation” is prohibited and is a violation of section 41.59(b)(1).  I am going to pass these sections along to the patrol officers so they will be aware of the cite-able violations.  However, if someone comes to your door and you ask for their ID and they don’t provide it and you make them aware that you know exactly what section they are in violation of and that you are calling the police, I would be willing to bet that they will hightail it off your property, and hopefully out of the neighborhood!  (I apologize for the run-on sentence, it’s been a long day!)

I also talked about taking steps to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.  ALWAYS close your windows and lock your doors, on both your vehicles and your homes.  Don’t leave items of value in plain view.  If you have an expensive tv in full view from your front windows, close your curtains too.  If the thieves don’t know that there is something good to steal inside, they will be less inclined to break in to your home and go and look for some place that is a surer bet.  Don’t leave anything of value in your vehicle open to view.  This includes but is not limited to phones, iPods, GPS devices, cameras, purses, laptops; cars are even being broken into for gym bags.  Place small items under your seat or in the glove compartment and place larger ones in trunk, or take them in the house.  Thieves will often go after anything they can see.

As far as crime trends in San Pedro for the most part we continue to struggle with property crime, specifically Burglary and Thefts from Motor Vehicles and Residential Burglaries.  Overall our property crime numbers are going down and that is great.  We have been seeing an increase in the number of thefts occurring in the parking lot of our local parks including White Point, Friendship/Bogdanovich Park, Peck Park, the Softball fields on north Gaffey and the Field of Dreams.  There is possibly a correlation between this and the fact that the city has begun to rent the spaces out to organizations from outside the city.  We don’t have enough info yet to say there is definitely a connection, but it is certainly something we are paying attention to.  In response to this however we are going to deploy a “bait car” in and around those areas this Deployment Period.  Based on our potential success with that we may make a semi-regular technique.  In addition I am looking into getting signs posted in our local parks which will state that the “bait car” is in use by the department.  The auto detectives have had a lot of success with this in the past, and I am willing to try anything.  Unfortunately the city won’t pay for these signs, so I am looking into some possible options for funding.

We are also having a problem with people “canning” or digging through trashcans looking for recycling.  Officer Ashcraft who handles the North West San Pedro Area is having a similar problem.  We believe that it is most likely the same five or six people.  So we are reaching out to our community members to give us days, times and exact locations as well as a description of the individuals involved and any vehicles involved in the canning.  We are trying to get a better idea of when and where they hit, and once we have a pretty good schedule in place we will come in really early one morning and try and stop a bunch of them and issue citations or make arrests where appropriate.  So if you have a problem with canners on your street please email the information and we will do our best to track them down.

As far as the [skateboarding] “Bombers” we are just waiting on the final wording for Councilman Buscaino’s motion to be completed and approved by the City Attorney’s office.  Once that’s done and put into the LAMC we will have something substantial to cite them for.  In addition they are trying to get it added that we will be able to impound the skateboards of violators that we cite.  They subsequently won’t be able to get them back unless their parent or legal guardian responds to the station to help them pick it up.  We are hoping that this will raise awareness among the parents regarding the dangers and nuisance of this issue.

For the most part it seems like everyone might be leaning towards a full South Shores Neighborhood Watch Meeting once every three months, and in the interim, each block can arrange their own smaller satellite meetings.  I am happy to attend any smaller meeting, even if it’s just one person!  I just need a couple weeks notice so that I can try and plan my schedule around that.  So if you and your immediate neighbors are interested in starting your own satellite NW please let me know and we can start work on that.  So for now, I will coordinate with Mingli Wang for scheduling our next full S.S.N.W. Meeting in late July or most likely August.

Some issues and questions that came out of the meeting that I am looking into are:

There is a question as to whether or not some possible Sex Offenders have moved in to the trailer park on Catalina Vista.  I have already sent an email to our R.E.A.C.T. (Registrant Enforcement and Compliance Team) to see if they have any information on that.  I am also awaiting to see if any further information comes from the community members, ie: names or addresses of the possible individuals.

I sent an email to John Larson in Councilman Buscaino’s Office to see what information he has on the city’s plan for coping with traffic upon the arrival of the [U.S.S.] Iowa to San Pedro.  John says: “We have a motion in council instructing the Harbor Department to report with specific marketing and mitigation measures to accommodate an increase visitorship of USS IOWA. That would include traffic mitigation.”  John, obviously is very responsive, so as soon has he knows more he will let me know, and as soon as I know more, I will let you know.

I have an email into Sgt Plows to see what we need to do to purchase some permanent metal neighborhood watch signs for the South Shores neighborhood.

So hopefully I covered everything, thanks again to everyone who made it and to everyone who wanted to make it but wasn’t able to.  I also want to say thanks you all for making me feel so welcome here in the South Shores.  I am still trying to get the ins and outs of this job down.  I take pride in a job well done and it’s so uplifting to be so warmly received by such clearly wonderful people.  So thanks for accepting me as a part of your community, and for allowing me the opportunity to be your Senior Lead Officer.  I look forward to our future collaborations!  As always you can email me with any questions or concerns, or call me on my city cell (310) 869-2168 [non-emergency only].

I hope that everyone is happy and healthy and has an excellent end to their week and an even better weekend!

-Officer Eve Wight

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South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting Tuesday, May 22

This coming Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:30 pm, there will be a South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting at South Shores Magnet Elementary School auditorium. Topic will include local issues of “canners” or people collecting recycling, as well as door-to-door solicitors, crime trends in the greater San Pedro Area, as well as crime prevention tips and how to avoid being a victim.

LAPD Officer Eve Wight will have neighborhood watch signs available for purchase for home front windows ($6 each), and “The Club” for vehicle security ($20). The cost of these items only covers the cost of replacing them, Los Angeles Police Dept. does not make a profit off of the sales.

Please try to put the word out to your neighbors on your block, or anyone you see walking their dog or taking their trash out.  The more people in attendance the better!

If you are not able to attend but have some issues you would like brought up in the meeting feel free to e-mail Officer Eve Wight, or let a neighbor know who is attending and they will be sure to discuss it.

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Recent credit card fraud and motor vehicle burglary

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Eve Wight has a timely message for residents regarding door-to-door magazine sales and reporting suspicious activity:

I am officially back from vacation and back on the job.  I hope that this email finds you all happy and healthy.  I am still trying to get caught up on all of the goings on in Pedro during my absence.  However I do want to share with you a couple recent developments.

Unfortunately one of our South Shores residents was victimized by an individual claiming to be selling magazines.  The suspect managed to get a hold of the victim’s credit card and made an attempt to use it.  This story ends well however, because the individual was stopped, arrested and prosecuted.  He was convicted and will be facing some jail time.

I want to strongly remind everyone, please do not encourage these people.  It is often the most innocuous seeming individuals who can do the most damage.  Never let these people into your homes, you don’t even have to answer the door to them.  These are your homes, and this is your neighborhood.

I know that we all want to be polite and we hate the idea of being rude to someone who has only good intentions.  But I can assure you that 99% of the individuals who are soliciting in this manner, are doing so fraudulently, either trying to get you to give them money, or trying to gain access to your home to steal your money, credit cards and even prescription medications.

They also use magazine sales as a way to get a feel for the neighborhood, see who’s home at what times, and to judge what kind of reactions they get from residents.  I strongly urge everyone to not only not answer the door, but to state to these people, in no uncertain terms, that they are not welcome in your neighborhood and that you are calling the police.  We need to make sure that these people know that the neighborhood is watching them and will not put up with that kind of behavior.

In addition, today 03/30, a radio call was broadcast of a possible Burglary for Motor Vehicle – Suspect in the area of 27th and Patton [Palisades neighborhood].  The neighbors in this area are to be commended.  We received three different radio calls regarding the same individual, all of which had great descriptions and gave us a lot of information.

Unfortunately, the suspect was scared out of the area by a neighbor prior to the arrival of police.  However, the diligent patrol car stayed in the area and luckily came across the suspect a few minutes later as he was climbing out of the bushes and took him into custody.  Fortunately, the timing worked out in this case.

Due to the fact that the residents in the neighborhood were keeping an eye out for each other and for their neighborhood we were able to take a suspect into custody.  This is a really good example of why neighborhood watches are a good thing!

I will be sure to update you all on anything else important as I am made aware.  I wish you all a happy spring as we move into April!

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Reminder: Meeting tonight regarding Clearwater sewage pipe construction.

The outlined area of Royal Palms is a potential sewage outflow construction site for a two year span.

Tonight will be a public hearing to receive comments on both the draft EIR and draft EIS of the Clearwater Program. This program’s purpose is to build a new outflow pipe to move treated wastewater from the Sanitation Districts’ plant in Carson to the ocean.

The recommended site to construct this tunnel is Royal Palms Beach. Other alternatives are Angels Gate Park (at Paseo del Mar and Gaffey Streets) and Terminal Island.

Thursday, March 8, 2012, at 6:30 pm (Doors open at 6:00 pm)
Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel
601 South Palos Verdes Street, San Pedro, California

For more information on the Clearwater Program, please read our earlier articles here.

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Sirens in South Shores/Palisades this morning

Are you hearing sirens around the Palisades/South Shores area? The Pacific Heights/Pacific Crest Air Force housing base off 25th Street is conducting testing of the “Giant Voice” from 9AM to 1PM per the Department of Defense.

We have asked them to notify us in the future so we can notify you.

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South Shores Annual Meeting follow-up

If you were unable to attend last week’s South Shores Annual Meeting & Neighborhood Watch, you can find details of the meeting on the South Shores Homeowners’ Association website and on the San Pedro News Pilot website.

Photos from Janice Hahn’s recent Congress on Your Corner event are also on the South Shores Homeowners’ Association website.

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South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting Jan 24th

The next South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 24th (updated) at 6:30pm at the South Shores Homeowners Annual Meeting to be held at the South Shores Elementary Auditorium.

Neighborhood Watch signs will be for sale for $6 each.

If you have any questions, e-mail Officer Eve Wight at or call her cell phone at (310) 869-2168. Visit South Shores Homeowners Association for more details.

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