The Palos Verdes Peninsula has a history of landslides from Sunken City in San Pedro to the south past Bluff Cove to the north. The largest slide is the active Portuguese Bend Landslide in Rancho Palos Verdes. Here in coastal San Pedro, we have Sunken City, the White Point (Paseo del Mar) Landslide, South Shores Landslide, and various smaller slides along Paseo del Mar.

California Department of Conservation – Landslides
Geology of the Palos Verdes Peninsula – A Field Guide for the Non-Geologist, June 2012 (pdf)
Palos Verdes Peninsula Landslide Map, May 2007 (pdf)
Report: Landslides in the Los Angeles Region, California: Effects of the February–March 1978 Rains (pdf)


W. Paseo del Mar is closed indefinitely due to a landslide that occurred on November 20, 2011. The road is closed from Weymouth Ave. to 900 ft. west.
– To access White Point Nature Preserve and Royal Palms State Beach, use Western Ave.
– To access Pt. Fermin and Angels Gate Park, use Gaffey St.

Estimated costs:
Immediate Measures (install monitoring points and drains, grade surface, and add slope anchors and traffic improvements) – $7.64 million (10/02/2012 estimate).
Option 1: Abandon Roadway – $0
Option 2: Restore road without a retaining wall – $48.69 million (10/02/2012)
Option 3: Restore road with a retaining wall – $26.52 million (10/02/2012)
Option 4: Restore road with a bridge – $59.93 million (10/02/2012)
Option 5: Regrade road – $7.46 million (10/02/2012)
Option 6: Reroute road – $7.42 million (10/02/2012)

Photographs of the landslide can be found on our community Flickr page. Do you have pictures of Paseo del Mar before or after the landslide? Feel free to share them with us!

For links and technical documents related to the White Point Landslide, please visit our Construction Projects page. For news items on the landslide, please see our Landslide articles.

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