Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch members and block captains are the eyes and ears of our neighborhood for reporting suspicious activity or persons to law enforcement. Forming a Neighborhood Watch is the foundation for community crime prevention; it launches the idea of “Neighbors Watching Out for Neighbors.”

Become a Block Captain
Each block needs a block captain. Block captains will work with our LAPD Senior Lead Officer to relay alerts/problems to and from residents, schedule Neighborhood Watch meetings, and keep member information up to date.


Neighborhood Watch map

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Email NW Groups
Lower Palisades West NW A private online and email group with residences surrounding the following area: Paseo del Mar to 37th Street from Weymouth to Almeria. If you live in this area and would like to sign up for neighborhood watch, please contact us with your name and address and let us know if you would like to join.
Lower Palisades East NW (contact us for info)
South Shores NW (contact us for info)

Online NW Groups
Most of these neighborhood watch groups require membership. NextDoor groups will verify your physical address before you can become a member.
– Coastal San Pedro NW Facebook Group (not moderated)
Lower Palisades West NW on
– Palisades (upper) NW on
– Pneumonia Hill NW on
– Point Fermin NW Facebook Group
– Southeast San Pedro (Point Fermin) NW on
– South Shores NW on

NW Groups outside the coastal area (because so many of you have asked!)
18th Below Leland (Leland to Mesa, 10th to 25th)
– Alma Park
Central San Pedro
Leland Park
Mary Star
Miraleste (approximately 9th St/Miraleste to Western to 1st to Miraleste)
Northwest San Pedro
Rena Park
– Vista del Oro Facebook (7th to 25th, Western to Leland)
Vista del Oro NextDoor

Check out our Crime & Safety Page for more information.

4 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watch

  1. Hello,

    I am the on-site leasing consultant at Harborview Apartments on Capitol Dr. and Western Ave. I was wondering if there is an established Neighborhood Watch for this area? I have had many of my residents express interest in organizing our own because we have NW signs posted throughout our community. We are planning to organize a meeting for our community alone but if there is already one in existence for the general area, I would love the information to pass on to my residents. We are a community of 160 condominiums and even with our secured gates, we have experienced excessive trespassing as well as vehicle vandalism.

    • That is fantastic that you want to organize a Neighborhood Watch in your community. We don’t cover that particular area of San Pedro so I would advise getting in touch with the LAPD Harbor Division at (310) 726-7701 and ask to speak with the Senior Lead Officer for your neighborhood. A good tool for Neighborhood Watch communication is

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