Gaffey Street Design meeting January 8

Gaffey Street in downtown San Pedro isn’t in our neighborhood but most of us traverse it quite regularly. Planning for revising Gaffey street is in the conceptual phase. Come hear about the ideas and share your own at the next meeting.

From our friends at the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council:

On January 8th, at 6:00 pm, LANI (the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative) in conjunction with the San Pedro Neighborhood Councils, will hold a public meeting to focus on the Gaffey Street Conceptual Plan and the controversial lane reductions that are a part of this plan. LADOT’s new General Manager, Seleta Reynolds, will participate in this meeting. Please join us for an in-depth consideration of this proposal in order to be a part of an informed decision-making process. This meeting will be held in the Croatian Cultural Center at 510 W. Seventh Street, San Pedro.

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Pacific Avenue public meeting

A meeting regarding the reconfiguration of Pacific Avenue will be held tonight at the Grand Annex at 6:00 pm. Click on the flyer above for more information.

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Proposed utilities in Palisades and South Shores

Crown Castle NG West Inc has proposed four new above ground utilities in our coastal community. These utilities include electrical meter pedestals measuring 5’3″ x 1’8″ x 1’5″ and 50′ utility poles.

Two of the proposed locations are within two blocks from each other in Lower South Shores at 37th Street west of Anchovy and on Paseo del Mar west of Stargaze Ave.

Proposed Palisades location.

The third location is in Upper South Shores at McRae Drive west of Anchovy and the fourth is in the Palisades at Weymouth and Paseo del Mar.

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Important meetings this week

A Point Fermin Residents Association will be meeting this Saturday, May 31 at 9 a.m. at the Redman’s lodge at 543 Shepard Street.

The Lower Palisades West Neighborhood Watch (Paseo del Mar to 37th Street and Weymouth to Leland) will be holding their meeting this Saturday, May 31 at 4:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Marine Exchange building at 3601 S. Gaffey St.

The Bureau of Engineering will be holding a public hearing regarding the proposed widening of Hamilton Avenue between Patton and Barbara will be held on Wednesday, June 3 at 12:30 p.m. at the San Pedro Public Library, 931 S. Gaffey St.  If you cannot attend the meeting, written comments can be submitted by June 4 at 4:00 pm to Download the Hamilton-Notice of Public Hearing Signed.

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Neighborhood Council candidate positions on Paseo del Mar

The elections for the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) will be held this Saturday, May 10 from 11am to 3pm at Crafted at the Port of LA, 112 E 22nd St, Warehouse 10, San Pedro. Any stakeholder (lives, works, owns property in or is a frequent visitor to) coastal San Pedro can exercise their right to vote.


Have you read the candidate statements released by the CSPNC?


In addition to these statements, we have additional statements on a local hot topic. Local resident and stakeholder Rebecca Rannells contacted candidates to ask their position on spending $30+ million in tax dollars to reopen Paseo del Mar where the White Point Landslide occurred in November 2011.


Many candidates declined to respond (Dave Behar, Cari Lynn Burich, James Dimon, Chuck Hawley, Dan Malstrom, Chris Nagle, Ted Shirley, Sonya Tsujimura, John Vidovich, and Rachel Waugh) and a handful could not be reached (Mike Cammareri, Denise Marovich-Sampson, and Matt Matich). However, the following five statements are from the candidates that took time to respond to Ms. Rannells inquiry:

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CSPNC to vote on Paseo del Mar and Alma St changes

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council will be discussing coastal streets at their monthly stakeholder’s meeting, Monday March 17, 2014 at 6:30 pm.

How do you feel about added roundabouts on Paseo del Mar at Barbara and Roxbury Streets? Or the re-routing of SPHS Olguin Campus busses? To see other changes the CSPNC Transportation and Public Safety Committees are recommending to the CSPNC board, see below.

12. PASEO TRAFFIC CALMING MOTION | CSPNC Transportation Committee

Whereas it has been over two years since the landslide closed Paseo Del Mar

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Buscaino’s Landslide Committee votes to rebuild

L.A. City Councilman Joe Buscaino’s White Point Landslide Committee met on short notice this week for a final meeting to discuss the future of Paseo del Mar. Committee members in attendance voted to rebuild the 600 foot section of Paseo del Mar affected by the landslide at a estimated price tag of $28.8 million dollars. Read about the meeting in the Daily Breeze.

For more information, the Bureau of Engineering posts online reports on the progress of mitigation measures at

Alma Gate to open November 26

It was standing room only at the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) meeting last night when San Pedro High School Principal Jeanette Stevens announced that the Alma Street gate at the Olguin Campus will officially be opened full-time. She stated that school administrators decided to open the entrance during full operating hours, 7am–5pm, on school days beginning this November 26.

Ms. Stevens said that parents and students were not included in the original decision to keep the gate closed and that using the entrance at Gaffey and 32nd Streets creates an extremely unsafe situation. Plans are to use Alma Street for the six one-way bus trips during lunch and nutrition as it is being used currently. The decision regarding which entrance buses will use at the beginning and end of the school day has not been made.

Resident Dan Malstrom pointed out that the use of Alma Street for buses was not included in the original Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and that traffic has doubled since the closure of Paseo del Mar due to the White Point landslide. He requested a new EIR examining the school’s additional use of Alma Street.

Council board member Marcie Miller asked why the Alma Street pedestrian gate has not been opened before for students walking to school. Ms. Stevens said it was not open because there would be no turn around point for vehicles dropping off students. With the gate opened, parents will drive into the school, drop off children, and exit.

Other concerns brought up by board members and attendees: raised manholes and sinking asphalt; damage to utility pipes under Alma Street due to weight of buses and increase traffic; people stepping in front of buses or taking pictures of students using Alma gate; buses crossing over the center line to enter and exit through Alma gate.

Jacob Haik of Council District 15 spoke of four traffic safety measures that are currently being considered by the city: 25 mph speed limit when children are present (already approved), sidewalk continuation on Alma St. from the edge of LAUSD property to 37th St., resurfacing, and speed humps. Speed humps might not be an option because of the incline on Alma Street.

One suggestion by a resident at Alma and 30th is to make Alma Street one way at certain times of the day and one way in the other direction at other times of the day.

CSPNC president June Burlingame Smith announced that the traffic guard will return to Gaffey Street to assist students crossing Gaffey.

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CSPNC to discuss Alma St, White Point Landslide and more

Tonight’s agenda for the monthly board meeting of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) contains several items of interest for residents.

Item #8: Discussion and possible action on White Point landslide.

Item #10: Discussion and possible action on San Pedro Community Plan issues concerning the three corners at 25th St. and Western Ave. and some locations within the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council Area and the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood area.

Item #12: Motion urging improvements to sidewalks on Alma Street including the completion of the sidewalk on the east side of Alma Street — going southward from the end of Los Angeles Unified School District property to 37th Street — without exercising emminent domain.

The CSPNC meeting will be held on Monday, September 24th at 6:30 pm at the Cabrillo Marina Community Building at Cabrillo Plaza, Berth 28. The public is invited to attend.

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Coastal Commission approves six wind turbines

The California Coastal Commission has approved six wind turbines with special conditions at the John M. and Muriel Olquin campus of San Pedro High School. The Division of State Architecture (DSA) required additional spacing between the originally requested 36 turbines (two times the length of each turbine). Therefore, due to the spacing requirement, the number of turbines was reduced to six.

The six proposed wind turbines will produce approximately 4% of the school’s total energy demand. Photovoltaic panels will produce approximately 79% for a total of approximately 83% of the energy demand produced on-site.

The special conditions are 1) compliance with the conditions of the original permit; 2) submittal of a bird strike monitoring plan; 3) implementation of quarterly bird surveys for a period of two years; 4) future redesign or removal of obsolete turbines if it would ; 5) compliance with all conditions of the permit; and 6) submittal of final plans showing the location and design of the wind turbines.

Download the full report here: Th17a-7-2012.

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