Endeavour flies right over San Pedro!

This afternoon, the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew right over while piggybacking on a specially outfitted 747. What an amazing site! Thank you NASA!

On the approach from Long Beach. A hazy day, unfortunately.

Look closely or you will miss it!

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Photos of Royal Palms seal release & more!

We have a community photo album started on Flickr where residents and visitors can share their photos and videos of our beautiful coastal neighborhood. There you can find the picture story of the release this month of two harbor seals and an elephant seal named Ellie. After being nurtured back to health at the Marine Mammal Care Center at Angels Gate, the MMCC team released them back into the ocean at Royal Palms Beach on December 8.

Ellie, the young elephant seal, gets her first taste of freedom since being cared for at the Marine Mammal Care Center.

The two harbor seals head for the ocean at Royal Palms Beach.

The Marine Mammal Care Center team. Pinniped heros!

To see the rest of the photos from the release visit The San Pedro Coast Flickr Pool.

Please feel free to post up your photos of the San Pedro coast neighborhood to share with your friends and neighbors. We will highlight the most recent photos on our home page.

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