Yellow flowers along coast

Dates and times are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all event details with the event organizer. E-mail us if you would like to add or change an event. A list of annual events can be found here.

3 thoughts on “CALENDAR

  1. Hi Jeniffer – Congratulations on a beautiful site with lots of potential for being a primary resource.

    Two thoughts: the latest on the landslide and an appearance on 1/29 of Louis Zamparini (I’m reading Unbroken — fascinating) but I don’t know where.

  2. Hi,
    Could you please add an event for saturday May 18th from 11am – 3pm at the white point nature preserve. It is important for residents of the San Pedro Coastal area to get out and vote for the board members of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council. I am a fairly new resident in South Shores and would appreciate as many votes as I can get, so I can represent South Shores on the council.

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