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CSPNC candidate recommendations

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This Saturday is a very important day for our coastal neighborhood. 35 people are running for seats on the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council. The CSPNC represents you and me and what goes on in our neighborhood.

We have attended many CSPNC board meetings and have been directly involved with committee meetings as well as various Neighborhood Watches. Based on our experience, we are recommending the following candidates for the 17 available slots. We have worked closely with or witnessed the respectful and fair working styles of Richard Havenick, Dean Pentcheff, Doug Epperhart, Adele Healy, and Shannon Ross. They are and would be excellent leaders. We are also recommending Robert Brandin, Erin Carter, Louis Dominguez, Robert Farrell, Mario Garcia, Bob Gelfand, Brian Kruglak, Raymond Medak, Aaron Nettles, Chimesa Medina, Jonathan David Myers, and Liliana Nikoloski-Marich.

We would like to see the new board work on changing the CSPNC elections so that each vote is private, voting made available online, and several dates available to vote. We also would like air quality, LAPD resources and staffing improvements, and street racing to be important issues discussed by the new board.

To be eligible to vote, you must be 18 years or older and live, work or own real property in the neighborhood and also those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder (child goes to a school, member of an organization that meets in the CSPNC area, etc.). Please bring proof of stakeholder status (drivers license, utility bill, etc). Visit for complete rules and candidate statements.

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5 thoughts on “Vote this Saturday!

  1. As this is supposed to be a community NEWS letter, it would be nice for you to share the news equitably. In publishing only half of the candidates running for Coastal Neighborhood Council, one gets the impression they are the only ones running. This would be a half truth as only half the truth is being published. Some of those running have been on the council far too long and it is time for new ideas and fresh faces to rejuvenate a stale council. One of the current members of this slate missed 5 council meetings last year. If one does not have time to serve, one should put ego aside and allow those with time and energy to step up and make a difference. Two members of the slate have been so concerned about holding onto their council seatrs that they have been obstructive in changing bylaws and moving the council forward. Know who you are voting for before ticking the box. There are many people on the other slate who have spent countless hours doing service for the community- Police ADvisory Board, Park ADvisory Board, community clean ups, ShareFest projects, rally for the local police, going to City Hall to plead the case for San Pedro getting the services and police they deserve. and much more. These are the people who helped nab the Coachman that was stealing and breaking down bikes, selling drugs and hiding a known and wanted criminal. These are the people who put their sweat equity into everything they say and do expecting nothing but to have a safer, cleaner town as a result.. Tick the box for Brian Vassallo, George Palaziol, Jeanine Bryant, April Juarez, Robert Campbell, Gayle Fleury, Natalia Schroeder, Bob Milling, James Baeza and Joseph Zender.

    • I live in Point Fermin and would like to see this page not be one sided. Equality for all candidates . Most of your information posted about your half of the candidates ,is wrong. Gayle has her facts correct . It would be wise to stop your misleading and false statements . I expect more from you as the admin of this website.You have been fair in the past , What’s changed or have you always been this way and it’s just now showing up? This is a hot topic as you know.

  2. To whoever runs the “San Pedro Coast”. THANK YOU for pointing out the issues that you are concerned with. I’m very glad to hear that you back those that back our local police and community with every last ounce of effort possible.
    Our current Executive CPAB (community police advisory board) committee is made up of Mona Sutton, Leslie Jones, James Baeza, James Dimon and myself. 3 current board members from Coastal NC and 2 running for Central.
    We have been extremely successful in building these strong relationships with our communities and our local law enforcement. We are currently and continually working on bringing issues that plague our community to light and have ongoing dialogue with our new captain on how we can address those issues.
    Our slate is built from people that choose to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty instead of just filling a seat for a “yes” or “no” vote once a month. We are the future of San Pedro, we are visionaries, we are committed to community. We have proven this time and time again. Some of the candidates you have endorsed do nothing but complain, are absent to more meetings than should be allowed and have held coastal back for far too long. Its a shame you didn’t do your homework before putting out an endorsement.

  3. News organizations have a long history of endorsing candidates. These are endorsements based on years of experience. If you have a different opinion, feel free to share it.

    Now that the selection results are in, hopefully the board members will work together respectfully and thoughtfully and be advocates for the residents and business owners in our beautiful neighborhood.

  4. If you are going to endorse candidates, at least list the entire group who are running, get your facts straight, and be brave enough to publish YOUR name along with the endorsement so that the reading public knows WHO is endorsing. You do not represent me or many other people in the community and I find your actions irresponsible and an example of what our media has sunk to.

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