Changes expected for 2016 Car Show by the Sea

Car Show by the Sea

Representatives from the Legends Car Club spoke at the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) meeting this week regarding this year’s Car Show by the Sea event which supports many local organizations. Changes for next years event were proposed so as to make a smaller impact on the community.

Some of the proposed changes to the 2016 event:

  1. Stage cars prior to the event in Angels Gate Park, instead of Paseo del Mar.
  2. One-day waiver of the no parking signs on the north side of Paseo del Mar (from Gaffey to Roxbury). This year LAPD handed out approximately 100 parking citations.
  3. Move the LAPD command post from the corner of Gaffey and Paseo del Mar up to Angels Gate Park by the Korean Bell.

  1. More signage.
  2. Parking at SPHS Olguin Campus with two shuttles (instead of one) to/from the event.
  3. This year there were 658 cars at the event. Next year they are planning a maximum of 600 cars. No cars would be allowed to park on the sidewalk surrounding Pt. Fermin Park so that it could be used as a fire lane.
  4. Employ twelve security guards instead of six.
  5. Materials sent to participants will state that alcohol is not allowed at the event and all vehicles participating are subject to search.

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8 thoughts on “Changes expected for 2016 Car Show by the Sea

  1. The looming questions remains:

    WHY the continuation of massive car shows at a small park venue – and small neighborhood – Point Fermin? I’m a major classic car fan – and attend all the car shows – but I’m also a realist. Is 22nd Street Landing Park” (AKA: “Tank Farm Park”) out of the question? Is it too expensive for the clubs to rent for the day? How about Peck Park? Let’s talk options. A maximum of 600 cars next year – won’t make a dent (no pun intended)

  2. Would very much appreciate all vehicles existing the event being directed out through Gaffey St exclusively. About 500+ of these attendees ride their clutch and rap their exhaust pipes from the Stop Sign at Shepherd St and Pacific Ave past the Stop on 39th St and all the way down the hill past the signal at Stephan White Drive north on Pacific to 22nd St. It’s noxious and NOISY for several hours after 3:00pm when entrants start departing, every last one seemingly determined to make their mark on the surrounding community making it impossible to enjoy the lovely weather and neighborhood peacefulness with their determined deliberate racket.

    • Why must the residents along Gaffey Street be the only inhabitants subjected to all of the negatives you enumerated in your post? And, if I’m doing the math correctly, for twice the amount of time that you were subjected to the disturbance !!!

  3. Celya G – a valid complaint which boomerangs back to the importance of proper event organization/possible police presence. I’m waiting to read the meeting notes which I assume were taken and are available as I was out of town. If anyone has the notes – I’d appreciate a link to same.

  4. To the Reprensitives of The Legends Car Club, I am a resident of Point Fermin, I was very unhappy with some of attendee’s who attended the event, they threw trash all over my yard and beers cans, and very unhappy with loud exhaust and sirens starting at 3 am to late in the evening. I really feel there our some attendee’s have NO to respect for the neighborhood. Since this is such a popular event you should consider another place to accommodate the parking and the increase of population of attendee’s. Maybe consider Peck Park or Harbor City College. i know your organization is important to the community, it’s a good cause for youth, but Point Fermin is to small for such a large Venue.

  5. Disagree with allowing parking in the dirt along Paseo del Mar between Gaffey and Roxbury Streets. Signage about parking at Olguin HS campus needs to be posted at many locations near Point Fermin Park.

  6. Let’s talk about how rude the LAPD is while we wait in line to get in and then wait to exit the car show. Same two female officers harras us for the past two years. Our older vehicles are temperamental and can over heat. We wait till the line dies down before leaving the park but the two officers keep pushing and pushing for us to leave. They sure don’t make you feel welcoming. We had a car breakdown while leaving and still we were pressured by them as to hurry up and leave – very unproffessional. Thanks for your concern, no we are ok. No we don’t need help. Amazing.

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