Coffee with a Cop this Thursday

cup of coffee

Join SLO Eve Wight for coffee this Thursday.

LAPD Sr. Lead Officer (SLO) Eve Wight will be at The Corner Store this Thursday at 1:30pm for a cup of coffee and lemon cake. She’ll be available to hear from residents about their concerns or ideas about our coastal neighborhood.

In related news, two suspects have been charged in the May 13 shooting at Point Fermin Park but currently the victim and witnesses are being uncooperative. No weapon was recovered.

At this year’s Music by the Sea at Point Fermin Park, there will be a fenced-in beer garden for the first time. The rest of the park will off limits to alcohol consumption. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has been called in to help out with illegal parking during the events and uniformed security will be on-site.

The Legends’ Car Show by the Sea will be held this summer on Sunday, August 30. Officer Wight brought in a mobile command unit and patrol cars last year and will do the same last year. There was a vast improvement on the impact of the cars entering the park to the surrounding neighborhood last year thanks to Officer Wight’s efforts.

For more updates on the latest crime statistics, answers to your questions about crime and more, join Officer Wight at Coffee with a Cop.

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2 thoughts on “Coffee with a Cop this Thursday

  1. I would like to discuss how we can get the skateboarders from using 37th and Walker Avenue for bombing, cursing, throwing trash and making verbal threats to the neighbors.

  2. I have to drive this way every day when I leave my house. I have not been verbally threatened … I get a lot of dirty looks. I am afraid that one day I am going to hit someone because it seems in general they are not paying attention to car traffic. One thing I question is why there are what seem to be a fully grown men hanging out with these kids.

    I know it is a fantastic hill for skateboarding so I’d like to find a solution where kids can continue to enjoy their sport AND be respectful to neighbors.

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