San Pedro Shred returns

Third Annual San Pedro Shred: Festival of SK8 is back.

Third Annual San Pedro Shred: Festival of SK8 is back. Click image to view larger.

The 3rd Annual San Pedro Shred: Festival of SK8 will be held at the Gaffey Street Lookout Point on Sunday, June 7, 2015 from 10am to 4pm. Wheels will be turning and bands will be playing.

Gaffey Street will be closed from 32nd Street to Shepard starting at 7am until 7pm so plan ahead!

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One thought on “San Pedro Shred returns

  1. This event is a big disturbance to people driving into south San Pedro, and to the people who live along Gaffey from 30th to 36th Streets. Don’t hold it here. Find a long sloping street that doesn’t stop a major artery from coming into 1/2 of south San Pedro. Try Roxsbury and 36 on the west side of Angels Gate Park. It long, steep, has a park at the bottom with bathrooms and doesn’t interfere with a major auto artery. This committee putting on this event is careless, unthinking and I must say, selfish. Move it!

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