Olguin Campus pool dates & hours

The following is a list of requested dates and hours for the public use of the San Pedro High School Olguin Campus pool. The hours are not yet set in stone and are subject to last minute changes.

Requested hours for public use of SPHS Olguin campus pool.

Requested hours for public use of SPHS Olguin campus pool June 13 – August 16, 2015.

Keep an eye open on www.laparks.org for a listing of the final hours when they become available.

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12 thoughts on “Olguin Campus pool dates & hours

  1. i am a resident of Point Fermin, I would like to know if there are days reserved for Point Fermin residents only for use of pool? Thank you Cynthia Borders

    • How rude! Were you ever excluded from the Peck Park pool because you weren’t from that neighborhood? Why on earth should the people from the rest of your community be turned away at any time?

    • Yes, it is heated and very comfortable. My son and I have been there twice. Even on opening day, not very crowded.

  2. Is this still going forward? Are these dates still good or have they changed? I would love to use the pool if/when it’s available to the public and would love more information and updates, please.

  3. Hi.. Would like info of pool hours and schedule of swim lessons (cost) this summer of 2017
    Thank you

  4. Do you have to reserve pool for lap swimming how old with out adult , my daughter is swimmer wants to practice her speed 10th grade in high school

  5. Hi… I was disappointed in reading the emails sent to me! From. June 2015!!!! Hello ?? we are now in July 2017!!!!
    My daughter planned to take kids to Gaffey Pool on July 9 , 2017
    Epic Fail.!! No parking due to civil war reenactment..change of plans Went to Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach.
    C. Ramirez

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