Olguin campus pool to open to residents

San Pedro High School Olguin campus pool opened in fall 2012.

San Pedro High School Olguin campus pool. Photo by Pinner Construction.

LAUSD will be opening the pool at the San Pedro High School’s John and Muriel Olguin camps to the public this summer. Details are still being worked out with the Department of Recreation and Parks. The pool will most likely be available to the public from June through August.

Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino found the money for staffing and programming while LAUSD District 7 Board President, Dr. Richard Vladovic found the money for maintenance and operational costs during the summer months.

More details will be announced when available.

Gaffey Street Pool plans

An overview of what the proposed Gaffey Street Pool renovations will look like on completion.

In the meantime, work is ongoing at the Gaffey Street Pool which will also be available during the summer months starting in 2016.

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5 thoughts on “Olguin campus pool to open to residents

  1. Excellent.
    This is a much needed addition to the community.
    The pool and staffing are a good investments for the area.
    My thanks to Joe and all those who made this possible.

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