Flashlight Walk tonight!

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Watch, Peggy Thompson-LIndquist, owner of The Corner Store, LAPD Senior Lead Officer Eve White, and City Councilman Joe Buscaino are hosting Los Angeles’ largest Neighborhood Watch Flashlight Walk tonight from 6–9 pm.

Get out your flashlights and walk to the Corner Store at 1118 W. 37th St. The Corner Store will stay open late tonight until 9pm. In front of the store there will be milk and cookies, hot chocolate and coffee and a sing-along led by Rich D’Anna.

The purpose of this Flashlight Walk is to illustrate that Coastal San Pedro is safe for an evening walk for families and that neighbors are always out and watching their neighborhood.

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One thought on “Flashlight Walk tonight!

  1. Way to go Peggy, You are such a great community activist and you and Bruce do so much for our San Pedro Community. I am proud and feel blessed to be a house artist for the Corner Store. Even though my physical disabilities preclude me from walking very much, I will be with you all in spirit tonight. Love San Pedro and am happy to call it my home…..heaven on earth. You all have my support….Bonnie Pio /Lone Palm Jewelry at the Corner Store

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