Palisades Neighborhood Watch Clean-up and Picnic

Two Palisades area neighborhood watch groups got together this past weekend to clean up the neighborhood, catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Proof of the hard work many residents put into cleaning Wilder's Annex last weekend.

Approximately 80 Palisades residents met at Wilder’s Annex along Paseo del Mar on Sunday. The residents are members of two active neighborhood watch groups, Lower Palisades West and Lower Palisades East (read more about local neighborhood watch groups on our Neighborhood Watch page).

Residents enjoy the potluck picnic after the neighborhood clean-up.

Joining in the fun and hard work was the LAPD Harbor Division, police cadets, and Gang Alternative Program (GAP). Harbor Division supplied the tents, tables, chairs, trash bags, beverages, etc. using money granted through the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

Our fearless organizers!

Neighborhood Watch block captains Jennifer Grasso and Charles Rannells (the two on the right in the photo above) did all the organizing and coordinated with LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Eve Wight (fourth from right above). Peggy Lindquist, proprietor of the Corner Store, supervised the food and drinks.

Peggy supervising the potluck buffet table.

If you would like to join a Neighborhood Watch group or become a block captain, please contact us with your name and address and we will connect you with the right group.

LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Eve Wight thanking the crowd for participating.

Enjoying the freshly cleaned park!

Speaking of community spirit, the Point Fermin Neighborhood Watch group had a packed meeting last night at the Wigwam Lodge. Frustrations are high regarding partying at Sunken City and Cabrillo Beach. Sr. Lead Officer Eve Wight spoke to the crowd about getting residents participation involved in reporting crimes. She would like to hear from residents interested in becoming block captains.

Representatives from City Council District 15 and the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council were in attendance.

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One thought on “Palisades Neighborhood Watch Clean-up and Picnic

  1. I wish these neighborhood groups in San Pedro would go further than cleaning up trash, As I do with 25th St. from Western to Rancho Palos Verdes city limit. What I notice that is even worse is that billboards are being put up and evidently the city of Los Angeles is making money with permits to do so. This blights a region way more than trash! It’s a permanent installation that downgrades the place. At the corner of 25th St. and Western you will see a movie advertising sign on one side of 25th St. and on the other side near the Chase Bank is an ugly 8′ x 4′ installation advertising shoes. These things get put up and most people don’t have anyway of fighting it until you come out looking like Wilmington or other very unsightly suburbs. The real enemy is the city of Los Angeles permitting horrible big billboards all the way down to the size of 6′ x 4′.

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