CSPNC shake up?

Have you seen the agenda items 11–15 for this month’s Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) meeting? It looks like there may be a bit of a shake up regarding current CSPNC chairman & president Dave Behar.

You can attend the meeting this Monday, June 16 at 6:30 pm at the Cabrillo Marina Community Building, Via Cabrillo Marina – Berth 28.

UPDATE 06/16/14: The CSPNC board voted to table the motions on agenda items 14 and 15.
UPDATE 07/15/14: Draft minutes for the meeting can be downloaded by clicking here: cspnc-draft-minutes-0614.



01. CALL TO ORDER | and roll call.

02. MINUTES | Reading and approval of minutes.

03. PUBLIC COMMENT | Non-agenda items.

04. REPORTS | Government Agency Representatives » LAPD (10 min) | CD15 (7 min) | Port of LA (5 min) | US Congress (5 min) | Others

05. COMMITTEE QUESTION TIME | Written Officer and Committee Chair reports (5 min) » Budget & Finance | (S)Election | Communications | Education | Public Safety | Port & Environment | Rec & Parks | Cultural | Rules & Bylaws | Transportation | ad hoc Landslide

06. TRANSACTIONS APPROVAL | Board approval – purchasing card transactions and monthly bank statements.

07. CHAIRMAN / PRESIDENT’S REPORT | If needed (10 min)

08. RECOGNITION | CSPNC is honoring Mr. Saavedra for his teaching and contributions to the Docs Rock Program.

09. PRESENTATION | Port Tech (10 minute presentation plus 5 minutes Question and Answer period)

10. UPDATE | Bureau of Engineering, Rec & Parks – via President, and CSPNC stakeholder to provide information on Pt. Fermin Seepage (10 min for presentation and 5 min for Q/A to commence) 

11. DISCUSSION/INQUIRY | (Agenda Meeting – Request brought by Ed Pluemer) To discuss and inquire how and why the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council logo was used without authorization to promote events not endorsed by the CSPNC board.

12. DISCUSSION/INQUIRY | (Agenda Meeting – Request brought by Chris Nagle) To discuss and inquire about the circumstances of an appropriation totaling $2100 designated for PV On The Net, which was instead paid to another entity.

13. DISCUSSION/INQUIRY | (Agenda Meeting – Request brought by Peter Warren) To discuss and inquire why the vote and directive by the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council for the publication and management of the print version of Coastal Currents for the 2014 Selection period, given by governing board motion in January, 2014 (see below), were ignored by the President

January 21, 2014 Minutes of the Governing Board of the CSPNC. Item 13: Motion to appoint an editor of the print publications of CSPNC: The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council appoints Robert Gelfand to manage the publication of the print newsletter version of Coastal Currents. Motion on Consent Calendar seconded by James Dimon and passed with 13 yes votes, 0 no votes and 1 abstention. (Roll Call vote: Behar-abstain; Bettis-yes; Burich-yes; Dimon-yes; Dominguez-yes; Gelfand-yes; Malstrom-yes; Matich-yes; Nagle-yes; Ortiz-yes; Shirley-yes; Smith-yes; Vidovich-yes; Warren-yes.)

14. MOTION | Ethics (Agenda Meeting – Chuck Hawley) Whereas, at the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) meeting held on May 19, 2014, allegations of possible ethics violations were brought to the attention of the CSPNC Governing Board and to the stakeholders during public comment, and Whereas, these allegations involved the possible conflict of interest involving a Governing Board member having a motion placed on the CSPNC agenda for funding of an organization to video record the CSPNC meetings, that the Board member had a direct or indirect professional relation with the organization requesting funding, and the Board member did not so advise the CSPNC Governing Board during discussions of the motion or excuse themselves from discussions of the motion, and Whereas, after the motion was passed, a check was issued to an organization, separate from the requesting organization, that the Board member is involved with directly or indirectly as an organization officer, and Whereas, also during the May 19, 2014 CSPNC meeting, the CSPNC Board became aware of an allegation that the CSPNC logo was being used without authorization from the CSPNC and that the CSPNC logo was applied to t-shirts being either issued to, or sold for, a volleyball team that a CSPNC Board member is directly or indirectly involved with as an officer, Therefore be it resolved: The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council requests that the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission investigate these alleged ethics violations and take appropriate actions or make recommendations at the conclusion of their investigation.

15. MOTION | Removal (Agenda Meeting – Peter WarrenCoastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council removes Dave Behar as President of CSPNC and from all appointed and elected positions that it is within the neighborhood council’s power to bestow, including, but not limited to committees, ex officio posts, delegate and/or representative to HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils) and NCPAC (Neighborhood Council Port Advisory Committee), and any and all liaison roles with official departments, commissions, and other bodies.

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