CSPNC voting results are in

Results of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) selection are in!

Candidates with the highest number of votes that have been selected for the Board:
137 131 VOTES » Ana Ortiz [updated by CSPNC]
117 VOTES » Peter Warren
115 VOTES » Denise Marovich-Sampson
106 VOTES » June Burlingame Smith
104 VOTES » Gary Bettis
102 VOTES » John Vidovich
100 VOTES » Matt Matich
98 VOTES » Louis Dominguez
97 VOTES » Chris Nagle
95 VOTES » Dave Behar
93 VOTES » James Dimon
93 VOTES » Rachel Waugh
90 VOTES » Sonya Tsujimura
87 VOTES » Chuck Hawley
86 VOTES » Ted Shirley
83 VOTES » Cari Burich
67 VOTES » Slobodan Dimitrov

The 5 other candidates with the lowest number of votes are:
66 VOTES » Mike Cammareri
66 VOTES » Pat Means
61 VOTES » Dan Malstrom
60 VOTES » Bob Gelfand
33 VOTES » David Adam Holop

The winning candidates will need to demonstrate that each one is a stakeholder in the CSPNC district and is at least 18 years old by the selection date.

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