Neighborhood Watch meeting standing room only

A good-sized crowd attended the Palisades Area Neighborhood Watch meeting organized by local resident Jennifer Grasso. LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Junior Nua (Wilmington area) filled in for SLO Eve Wight who is fighting the flu (get well soon!).

Concerns voiced by residents covered a broad spectrum: burglaries, gunfire, trash, homeless, park usage and unlocked gates, parties, speeding, vehicles using the trails in the nature preserve, security cameras, etc.

Several tips were shared such as placing a large dog food bowl and toy outside your house, outfitting your house with security cameras and motion-detector lights, cutting shrubbery away from windows, and adding ‘No Soliciting’ signs. Officer Nua requested that residents keep calling LAPD whenever there is a problem. Ongoing problems can be reported to Councilman Buscaino’s office.

There will be another Neighborhood Watch meeting to be scheduled soon to follow up on concerns voiced at today’s meeting. After that, meetings will be held quarterly.

On our website we added a new Neighborhood Watch page to our website as well as a comprehensive list of Crime & Safety Contacts including phone numbers, email addresses, and website links. Please let us know if we missed anything!

If you have any questions for Officer Nua, he can be reached at or 310-869-2177. Many thanks to Jennifer Grasso for getting the ball rolling and organizing this meeting.  Contact us if you are interested in joining Neighborhood Watch. Be safe!

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