New cracks in landslide area. Abandon Paseo del Mar petition circulating.

Area east of landslide with new crack. (click image to view larger)

Several new cracks have appeared in the White Point Landslide area. The latest crack was discovered today resulting in a work shut down. A bowl-shaped crack, about 3″ in width appeared on the east side of the slide, approximately halfway between the landslide edge and the nearest house.

A closer view of the crack that appeared on Monday, November 4. (click image to view larger)

Members of the Landslide Committee of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) met tonight and discussed the new crack. Their representative will be contacting the Bureau of Engineering immediately to inquire about the situation and the safety of residents in nearby homes.

At the upcoming November 13th CSPNC Agenda Meeting, the Landslide Committee will be requesting that a motion be added to the November 18 general meeting. The motion is to “recommend that the section of Paseo del Mar closed by the White Point Landslide be abandoned in a manner that comprehensively addresses the traffic and public safety issues heightened by the landslide and the opening of South Region High School 15.”

In support of not reopening Paseo del Mar is an online petition at Deny Funding for Road to Nowhere. The petition asks how, in this time of “fiscal austerity,” a “hugely expensive project that affects such a small group possibly be justified.” Signers have stated that the remaining road is safer for the many pedestrians and cyclists that frequent the area and that the money would be better spent on other city services.

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19 thoughts on “New cracks in landslide area. Abandon Paseo del Mar petition circulating.

  1. A big THANK YOU to for such smart, unbiased and in depth reporting on issues so vital to our community. We are very fortunate to have you!

  2. I’ve just reread the article here…………….so, the abandoning of the road is NOT just because of the landslide — it’s also the money involved in the renovation of the road.

    Is that possibly because we have CONSERVATIVES living over there ?!………I happen to KNOW that the husband of one of the property owners on that street is a VERY STRONG Conservative (I used to work for their local company [which SHOULD have declared bankruptcy LONG ago, but instead they simply have either layed off their employees or put us on “on call” – which became “off call”, while the owner refuses to sell her TOO EXPENSIVE homes(s) !).

    ALL Conservatives think about is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY……over anything else !…… the result of millions of people having been dumped from their jobs, while the wealthy company owners KEEP all the money they used to pay their employees !………………and I have also read that some company owners ARE bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. [again, simply to cut costs of delivery ship fuel], but instead of rehiring people to DO the manufacturing, they are buying cheap robots that are REPLACING the workers — for the stingy price of $3.25 an hour !

    Yes, I’m MAD about the continuing unemployment situation, and that the conservatives care nothing for anything but money…………..and I’m also mad that the residents over on Paseo Del Mar have decided they want to keep their now quiet road just so THEY can have their “exclusive” neighborhood.

    • My family has lived on Paseo Del Mar for more than 70 years. The land movement is constant. We’ve learned not to expect standard cement block walls, concrete driveways. or patios to stand the test of time without the resulting cracks and damage. And we’re quite far from the cliff. The thought that this proposed repaired road, inches from the edge, can be repaired and usable for any length of time (even if we had the money to do it) is just not realistic. It will fall into the ocean — and it won’t be long before it does.

    • Really?
      Would replace the roof on a burning house?
      The ground may not be stable so I would not spend the money on fixing it. Instead spend the money fixing the pot holes all over town .

  3. I totally agree with not rebuilding the road as it seems to me the kind of money needed to complete this kind of project would be much better spent on a million other projects that would benefit the people of this city . Also, yes I do live on paseo del mar and am not wealthy . I work hard to afford to pay for my house .

  4. On three occasions I contact our city street division to report the danger which is attributed to 3 raised manholes at the corner of 30th and Alma.

    Traffic must merge to the on coming traffic lane in order to pass the obstructions. Needless to say, nothing has been done about it. Apparently they will wait until there is a accident. An investigation needs to be completed to determine why are the manholes continuing to rise. One was some what repaired about 2 years ago, however, it now needs additional repair. Alma street from 30th south is in need of repair as well. Why is it showing signs on sinking?

  5. I’m going to second Rebecca’s comment about the very professional and unbiased reporting in this blog. If only all news media was as good as this!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. As with every situation there are always at least two sides to the story. I live on 37th street and would love it if the Paso Del Mar landslide area was not replaced as my neighborhood is quiter and feels a little safer. BUT, I am also very concerned on the impact the road closure has had on my neighbors who live on Walker St., Patton and several other roads used to now access our neighborhood. Their neighbor has change and not for the better. I know this event has increased their traffic noise as well as reduced the safty for their kids and pets. There is also the impact to all of the other people who would like access to the coastline both from within San Pedro and from all parts of Southern California. Paso Del Mar was a fairly busy road, especially on the weekends and I can’t even begin to tell you about the number of smiles and happy people enjoyed our town because of this road. Even though for my own selfish personal reasons I do not want the road back, I will continue to support the cities efforts to replace Paso Del Mar in its original location and people who complain about the cost don’t really understand the value to our community our city and all of the people who use to really enjoy the activities on Paso.

  7. There have been a lot of interesting comments here — some constructive, some not. Instead of having two “sides” to the issue, how about we all come together and work at having ALL of our neighborhoods safe to live in and walk/jog/ride In. A united front might get 25th Street running smoothly, lessen the traffic on Walker, Patton, Barbara and Paseo del Mar. Let’s work TOGETHER.

    • What does getting 25th street working have to do with lessening traffic on Walker, Patton and Alma? No one is going to go to Gaffey and around Angels gate. The traffic not on your street,that is so nice for you now, wrecked 3 narrow residential streets.

  8. Gail Noon, don’t throw all “conservatives” under the bus. I agree that some people who live in the Paseo area enjoy their new found private road and quiet neighborhood. I miss tooling down Paseo on weekends in my old car. It is a public area and an iconic LA (not just Pedro) landmark. However, it is not the fault of politically conservative people that the ground moved and the road fell into the ocean. It is a valid discussion about the cost versus benefit. No need to blame George Bush for this mess.

  9. Prior to purchasing a home on Paseo Del Mar, I spoke with several neighbors. Yes, the road is beautiful however; neighbors conveyed to me WHAT ELSE takes place once the sun sets: people park; loitering, drinking, drug use, urinating…the list goes on. The LAPD has been called but due to budget cuts, their response time has been increased. Since the road closure, PDM has changed for the better. Crime is what I’m talking about. So, crime vs. increased traffic to adjacent streets?

  10. So if crime was an issue for those that live on Paseo they should move. That road was obviously there when they bought – oh well your choice. Fix the road for the other 99.8% of Pedrans that don’t live there! I grew up driving that beautiful route, as did my dad, as did my grandpa.

    • Steve,
      The issue of traffic on Paseo wasn’t local traffic. It was the volume of non-local traffic that seemed to be increasing exponentially each year.

      • Where the traffic is coming from doesn’t matter. There’s people using Peck Park that aren’t from Pedro. Should we close the park? What about Point Fermin? Close it because it’s getting used? There’s too much me, me, me going on. This is one of the most beautiful roads in California. It should be open too all.

        • Dear Steve,
          We have been asking the City to please do something to mitigate the traffic on Paseo for several years now. This isn’t about “me, me, me”. It’s about kids not being able to cross the street without an adult because of people driving too fast. It’s about pets getting hit by speeding cars. It’s about pollution from the vehicles, and about noise pollution from the insanely loud motorcycles.
          It’s also about fiscal responsibility. The City is struggling financially – partly because of the raises they voted the police, fire and City Council in 2009 or 2010, and partly because tax revenue is still recovering from the recession. The CIty is telling people to fix their own sidewalks. The sewers are leaking and need to be replaced in many places. Pot-holes need attention. Parks and recreational programs are being closed or scaled back because the City doesn’t have the money to keep them open. There are thousands of homeless people in Los Angeles who need housing. Spending $28.8 million to fix 600 feet of roadway seems, to me at least, to be a little excessive. AND, the City has admitted that there are about $875 million dollars worth of projects that are ahead of this one in the development pipeline. Even if the money were appropriated, and there is no guarantee that other members of the City Council, from San Fernando, or West LA or East LA are going to vote for funding this project, but even if the money were there, it would still take 5 years to complete the project. Meanwhile, nothing is being done about the traffic moving through the side streets. And if the road is opened, we want to see it slowed down. The way it was, was totally dangerous.

  11. Now you can use the money to put doors on the women’s bathroom stalls at Cabrillo Beach. I have pictures if you want them. Those restrooms are disgusting!

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