Coastal crime stats and change in Sr. Lead Officer.

Good morning, neighbors. We received a message this morning from our LAPD Sr. Lead Officer Matthew Vuoso regarding crime in our neighborhood and our new (and former) Sr. Lead Officer:

Good Morning everyone, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. Here is an update on current crime numbers in the Coastal San Pedro Area overall violent crime for the year is down 23.8% for the year vs 2012 with Aggravated Assault (Domestic Violence, Shots fired, Felony battery and Assault with a deadly weapon) being slightly up 5% from last year. Overall property crime is down 15.3% for the year vs 2012 with Burglaries up 12.9%. However, burglary from motor vehicles are significantly down 22.6%.

As we enter the holiday months, it is important to ensure that you don’t leave valuables such as Christmas presents and other important items in the open. It is important that everyone be diligent in reporting crime or any suspicious activity in your area.

I would like to thank everyone for all the support during my time as Senior Lead for Coastal San Pedro. Officer Eve Wight has been promoted to the permanent Senior Lead for Coastal San Pedro and will be taking back the position as of Nov 3rd. Please contact her for any questions, comments or concerns from this point forward. Her contact information is listed below. Please have a safe and joyous holiday season!


Matthew Vuoso

Eve Wight
Cell: 310-869-2168
Office: 310-726-7925

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