Three burglaries in South Shores

There has been an increase in burglaries in the South Shores neighborhood. Sr. Lead Officer Eve Wight has an update for us:

I recently met with the lead Burglary Detective here at Harbor Division and we discussed a recent increase in Burglaries in the South Shores area.

Over the past two weeks there have been three reported burglaries in the South Shores area.  In two of these burglaries the homes were either not secured or only partially secured.

It is important that everyone remembers to lock all your doors and close all your windows, even if you’re just going out for a little while.  Even interior garage doors should be locked, even if the exterior garage door is locked.

The more barriers the thieves have to over come to access the inside of your home the better.  It is also important not to leave anything valuable open to view from the outside of your home.  Pull those blinds and close those shutters!

I know for the most part when I send you all these emails, I am preaching to the choir.  You are the folks who take the time to secure your homes, and cover your assets.  I am just hoping that you all can spread the word to your less informed neighbors.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any suspect or suspect vehicle info to share, since the burglaries occurred at night and there were no witnesses.  The Detectives are actively investigating, and if and when I have any info to share, I will send along an update.

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One thought on “Three burglaries in South Shores

  1. Would like to add my “two cents” we have a thief that visits and raids the recycle bins at five a.m. daily in the alley between paseo del mar and shepard behind Walkers. Would like to see this guy stopped. This guy drives a late model white truck, can’t say what make since he knows to hide his vehicle, before he steals the recycle waste. I have confronted him and he continues with his “early morning raids”. Perhaps the PD would like to pay us a visit around 5 a.m. to educate this guy about what constitutes stealing!

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