SPHS Olguin Campus on lock down

Currently, the San Pedro High School Campus is on lock down due to police activity on Alma Street. Students are being kept in their classrooms and no one is allowed on or off the campus until the all clear message has been received from LAPD.

LAPD Harbor Area Watch Commander Sergeant Gabaldon said that police were searching for a male with a possible weapon and he may be in custody at this time. Updates to follow.

UPDATE 3:58 PM: Angels Gate Cultural Center and the Marine Mammal Care Center are also on lock down.

UPDATE 4:09 PM: Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office has released this update: LAUSD called LAPD regarding a possible man with a gun in the area as reported by two students. LAPD responded, four suspects taken into custody, no weapons found as of yet. Officers are searching area right now.

UPDATE 4:59 PM: Per LAPD, suspect is in custody, no weapons found at this time. Lock down is over.

UPDATE 5:05 PM: Daily Breeze reporting two suspects arrested for pointing assault rifle at two people.

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2 thoughts on “SPHS Olguin Campus on lock down

  1. That would certainly be better than an assault rifle as the Daily Breeze has reported. Some of those paint guns are quite realistic looking.

    I still remember the day some boys were shooting paint guns in White Point just under the Air Force Base housing. The look on their faces was priceless when they got rounded up by a helicopter and a bunch of officers.

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