Olguin Campus Alma St usage meeting Thursday. Wind turbines coming in 2013.

Proposed locations for six wind turbines. Click to view larger.

Design for six 12-kW vertical-access wind turbines has gotten under way after approval from the California Coastal Commission. The design will be sent to the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for approval and then a contract will be awarded for construction. Installation of LAUSD’s first wind turbine project is anticipated to occur in the summer of 2013.

School buses using the Alma Street entrance to the SPHS Olguin Campus. Click image to view larger.

Since the first day of school on Tuesday, August 14, school buses have been utilizing the Alma Street entrance to the San Pedro High School’s John M. and Muriel Olguin Campus. LAUSD officials had told the neighboring community during the construction phase that the only entrance to the Olguin Campus would be on Gaffey Street and 31st Street where a new traffic light was installed. Alma Street was to be used only in the case of emergency due to the street’s narrow nature, lack of parking, and lack of a complete sidewalk.

Students have been climbing over the perimeter fence at Alma Street to meet awaiting vehicles. A local resident also reports that the Alma Street gate is left open during the afternoons and students are leaving the campus.

This Thursday, August 30 at 8:30am, Principal Jeanette Stevens will be holding a “Coffee with the Principal” meeting to discuss Alma Street usage and other developments at the new campus. The meeting will be held on the Olguin Campus in the Multipurpose Room and is open to the public. If you cannot attend, please let us know your question in the comments section below and we will attempt to get answers for you.

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16 thoughts on “Olguin Campus Alma St usage meeting Thursday. Wind turbines coming in 2013.

  1. I know the history of SRHS 15. Ever since LAUSD began considering placing a school on the property it sits on I have opined that Alma Street would be used, no matter what everyone at LAUSD was promising.

    How those folks can look at themselves in the mirror each day boggles my mind. They LIED through their teeth for the last 6 years and many times did it with a smile on their faces. Remember Rod Hamilton?

    The wind turbines were in the original DEIR so I’m not surprised and it might make a noise, yet environmentally sound thing to do. This, of course, would finalize the crown jewel of LAUSD and Richard Vladovic’s ultimate ‘achievement’ during his career.

    But going back to the access, just take a look at the original drawings and what was actually built and know that Alma Street has ALWAYS been considered the main access street for the campus, no matter what anyone from LAUSD claims. The geometry is right there for everyone to see!

    Now, should you ever wonder why so many folks distrust the administration at LAUSD, just take a Google Earth view of the campus. You will also be able to notice the space set aside for the third small learning area, that will eventually increase the size of the campus by 1/3 more classroom space than is already there.

    Those who protested the construction of the campus at the location can only sit back and tell the rest of you that they told you so, but you did not listen.

  2. Alma entrance should have a pass through gate so kids do not have to climb the fence period. My daughter could walk to school from our home in the Palisades, but as of now has to be driven to the Gaffey Street entrance. We should sit down with the few vocal folks on this issue and comprise a solution that benefits the kids first.

  3. I cannot make the meeting.

    1. I agree that there should be a walk through for the kids. That makes sense.

    2. How many buses do they anticipate coming each day and at what times? there was talk of shuttles back and forth from Pedro High

    3. Will they come down Alma from 25th only or are they coming up from Paseo?

    4. Why can’t the other entrance be used as planned?

    5. Has the Department of Transportation done a study on this? Has anyone determined from some sort of study if this is safe?

    6. Is there a contact number or email for the principal in the event that we would like to notify her of issues? For instance, the other night, the water was left on for 24 hours. The neighborhood surrounding the school might actually help ensure that the school grounds experience minimal vandalism or destruction or waste of resources.

    7. if it is inevitable that parents are going to drop off or pick up their kids on Alma because it is closer, maybe those safety issues should be dealt with on Alma. It is a narrow street, made narrower by parking, etc. which is needed for the homes and apartments in the area.

  4. While I agree that a walkthrough from Alma would be ideal so that unnecessary trips to Gaffey could be avoided, it is not possible.

    Here’s why. If you create a walkthrough, you essentially open up all of Alma not only to the traffic and safety issues that come with a drop off location, but also with substantial parking issues as students _will_ most definitely begin parking on the Alma side once they have easy access.

    This would be completely unacceptable to residents.

    There are many issues to be addressed here; however, the primary issue is that LAUSD stated that the Alma gate would never be open. There are countless videos, media and eye witness accounts of this.

    Alma is not safe for this traffic and it is not fair to the residents of Alma to have buses constantly going up and down their street all day long (and, yes, they do go up and down all day long, not just morning and afternoon).

    Ask yourself just how happy you would be if someone diminished your property value and your quality of life by deciding to run buses up and down your street all day and allow strangers to park their cars up and down your street so you can’t even park near the front of your home anymore.

    This is not a vocal minority either. There are currently over 300 signatures from area residents who want buses kept off our neighborhood streets.

    • I understand the concerns of residents, however there are a few facts that need to be stated: The LAUSD has owned that property for over 30 years and always indicated that a school would be on the property eventually. Residents needed to be aware of that possibility. Secondly, working with DOT, Alma street parking in front of the Alma gate could be restricted by signage or red curbs. If the Alma gate is opened, kids who drive themselves to school can park on campus and parents dropping off their kids can pull onto the campus making it even safer. Finally, I agree that the LAUSD cut a deal or made a promise with residents to only allow access off of Gaffey. They had no authority to do so. The Los Angeles Fire Code mandates a secondary exit for vehicle egress. Mary Star had the same issue when they built their new high school and needed to cut a deal with the former Pointe Vista property owners for a secondary egress to make the school compliant with the fire code. The new SPHS school will be compliant when the gate is unchained and opened. Thanks for listening.

  5. We were told by LAUSD representatives including superintendent Richard
    Vladovic at various meetings that the buses would be using Gaffey Street to transport the high schoolers to and from the main high school on 17th Street. This should not be an issue. That’s just one of the reasons that the light signal was added and roads Osgood-Farley & Barlow-Saxton from 32nd street were re-built. It looks like someone at the local level was making decisions without being fully informed, or thinking we wouldn’t notice or care. As usual, discounting the locals. Remember a harm to one is a harm to all.

    As an aside note; at a meeting I attended with the Traffic Department a few years ago, they only mentioned Gaffey street in their studies.

  6. I’ve seen some data figures, but how much noise are those wind turbines really going to cause at top speed?

    I know the LAUSD is trying to do something positive to get in the good graces with the community; “So we’ lied to you and we’re going to have to allow traffic on an already congested/dangerous Alma, and sure we built this school that the community opposed, that we tried to sell because we can’t really afford it…but we’re gonna give you some 50′ wind turbines! Sure they’re a major blight on the neighborhood, will kill countless birds, no one wants them, and they only generate 4% of the power we need…but we’re green, guys!”

    I am 100% onboard for finding environmentally friendly ways of generating power, but the power these turbines generate is nominal, and If they’re loud, we don’t need them. It’s already annoying hearing the whistles blowing incessantly from the SPHS sports teams practicing on the fields. I guess any respect for the community, including keeping noise pollution down, is of no concern to the powers that be.

    The LAUSD has done nothing but lie to us. I’m so happy I invested all my savings moving to this nice, quiet part of town, only to see the LAUSD look us all in the eye, lie to us all, and drive our property values down to nothing.

    Dear LAUSD, how about you spend a little more time focusing on the kids and what really matters (the LAUSD has the 2nd worst graduation rate in the country), and less time bullying the very people you’re supposed to be helping.

  7. Mike! I would like you to share the data you have seen regarding the noise from the wind turbines placed in what is basically a residential area. Being green is a good thing, so why not place more solar panels around the campus as well as on the roofs of the school buildings; noise pollution is certainly a bad thing! There are wind farms along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon; not near people’s homes. It does make one wonder who obtained the contract for the turbines because placing them in a residential neighborhood is certainly inappropriate!

  8. LAUSD = Lies Lies Lies….We live on Cabrillo & Paseo. The gate at the top of Cabrillo was to be opened temporarily during ‘construction’….. Students are now racing up and down the hill rolling through stop signs, loud music, (grey Saturn Vue with loud music and smoking pot) LASUD delivery trucks ,yup LAUSD on the side. Oh, nice P.A. system…we could hear it from our house. Talk about being good neighbors. Let’s put one of these next to Vladovic’s house complete with Wind Turbines….Yeah, this school has given me an education……

  9. Has Superintendent Deasy or Principal Stephens provided any plausible justification as to why the school would be involved in the “Power Generation” business?

    I thought not!

    Has Superintendent Deasy, Principal Stephens or the City of San Pedro provided any plausible justification as to why they would be placing industrial sized power generation equipment in a residential neighborhood when NO RESIDENT of that neighborhood would be allowed to do that?

    I thought not!

    Has Superintendent Deasy or Principal Stephens provided any economic analysis that weighs the capital cost of these wind generators plus the life-time cost of required maintenance staff against the income derived from the electricity?

    I thought not!

    Has Superintendent Deasy or Principal Stephens provided any explanation as to why the school is spending considerable money and time on these unnecessary, unsightly, bird killing, noisy, and unwanted windmills when they cannot fully do their real job of educating San Pedro’s children?

    I thought not!

    Until the LA School District can successfully educate the children in their care, and show cause for placing these windmills in our neighborhood leave the power generation to PG&E and Southern California Edison.

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