Coastal Commission approves six wind turbines

The California Coastal Commission has approved six wind turbines with special conditions at the John M. and Muriel Olquin campus of San Pedro High School. The Division of State Architecture (DSA) required additional spacing between the originally requested 36 turbines (two times the length of each turbine). Therefore, due to the spacing requirement, the number of turbines was reduced to six.

The six proposed wind turbines will produce approximately 4% of the school’s total energy demand. Photovoltaic panels will produce approximately 79% for a total of approximately 83% of the energy demand produced on-site.

The special conditions are 1) compliance with the conditions of the original permit; 2) submittal of a bird strike monitoring plan; 3) implementation of quarterly bird surveys for a period of two years; 4) future redesign or removal of obsolete turbines if it would ; 5) compliance with all conditions of the permit; and 6) submittal of final plans showing the location and design of the wind turbines.

Download the full report here: Th17a-7-2012.

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