White Point Landslide findings to be unveiled June 18th

Photo via LA15th.com

Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino has announced that City Engineer Gary Lee Moore will present his findings of the geotechnical report about the White Point Landslide at a community meeting. The meeting will be held on Monday, June 18, 6:30 PM at White Point Elementary School auditorium at 1410 Silvius Avenue, San Pedro, CA.

The verbal report will detail the factors that contributed to the slide, as well as proposed repair options, and the estimated cost associated with each. The written report will be available online the following day, Tuesday, June 19th on the Dept. of Engineering website.

**UPDATE** The landslide meeting will be held the same date/time as the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council meeting. This means that community leaders will be unable to attend the landslide meeting and residents will be able to attend only one meeting. Please contact Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office at councilmember.buscaino@lacity.org or (310) 732-4515 to ask him to hold the landslide meeting at the CSPNC meeting (already on the agenda) or reschedule the landslide meeting.

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3 thoughts on “White Point Landslide findings to be unveiled June 18th

  1. As it turns out, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council will be hosting the meeting. The City presentation on the landslide findings will be the first order of business.

      • I have to correct my earlier posting: in the Agenda Meeting of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council on Monday evening (11 June), a majority of stakeholders present voted to hold the CSPNC Board Meeting at the standard meeting location (Cabrillo Marina Community Building) and invite the City to present its findings there. We do not yet know what the City’s response to the invitation will be.

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