South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting Tuesday, May 22

This coming Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:30 pm, there will be a South Shores Neighborhood Watch meeting at South Shores Magnet Elementary School auditorium. Topic will include local issues of “canners” or people collecting recycling, as well as door-to-door solicitors, crime trends in the greater San Pedro Area, as well as crime prevention tips and how to avoid being a victim.

LAPD Officer Eve Wight will have neighborhood watch signs available for purchase for home front windows ($6 each), and “The Club” for vehicle security ($20). The cost of these items only covers the cost of replacing them, Los Angeles Police Dept. does not make a profit off of the sales.

Please try to put the word out to your neighbors on your block, or anyone you see walking their dog or taking their trash out.  The more people in attendance the better!

If you are not able to attend but have some issues you would like brought up in the meeting feel free to e-mail Officer Eve Wight, or let a neighbor know who is attending and they will be sure to discuss it.

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