An interview with childrens book author EG Ryan. Book signing this weekend.

Local author EG Ryan will be doing a children’s book signing this coming Sunday, March 25 at the Corner Store from 9am until 2pm. LIve music will be performed by Rex Bailey.

We had a chance to ask EG Ryan a few questions about her books and being an author.

What inspired you to write your first children’s book?
My kids inspired me to write this series of kid’s books.  It was when Nicki lost his balloon when he was two years old and I told him the balloon was going up to the moon to hold it up.  He stopped crying and always pointed to the moon, telling me that was where his balloon was.

There are a lot of cute children’s books out there, but my books really try to send a message to kids without turning them off. My friend, Marc Bailey, really supported and encouraged me to continue with my books. In The Dreamies kids are encouraged to play outside, in The Collect Its kids are encouraged to clean up their rooms, In Moon Balloons kids learn not to be upset when unexpected things happen, like losing a balloon, since another adventure is always around the corner, and in Foxy the Cat kids understand that there is more to someone than what they see on the outside.

The first unpublished books go back to when I was six years old though…my mom still has some of them.

What is the most memorable book you read as a child?
My favorite book ever was Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. I still LOVE the book and have read it to my own kids many times.

Your background is in science and business. When did you first start creating art?
My undergraduate degree is in in Biology/Chemistry, my graduate degree is in National Security Studies and I have an MBA in International Business.  Art has always been a passion though, since as far back as I can remember I always drew “doodles” for everyone, hence my name was always “doodlelisi.”

Rex Bailey

There will be live music performed during your signing. Could you tell us a little bit about it?
Rex Bailey, a South Bay musician and also a member of the Shillaly brothers has created songs inspired by my children’s books. He has six so far and they are just wonderful. We plan to read/perform together at local schools and will be performing at the Egg Hunt at Ladera Linda on April 7th from 10-11 and at the Rancho Palos Verdes 4th of July Fair.

Combining my kids books with Rex Bailey’s songs has been a really amazing journey and one that I think will help get the message of the books to a lot of kids. We also really want to target a number of inner city schools to get the messages out to little kids who really could use a good message. I donate a set of my books to any school library I read at.

You have done readings at your child’s school before. Would you be interested in doing readings or speaking about your experience as an author to libraries or schools? If so, how can interested parties contact you?
I have done readings at MELA and will be doing some at Vista Grande and other schools. I would definitely be interested in speaking about my experiences or reading at any schools/libraries.  There is contact information on my website, [facebook page], for anyone who wants to send me an email.

For other residents who may want to write a book, what advise do you have for them?
Just sit down and do it. I have a lot of friends who tell me they have always wanted to do a kids book. I tell them, just sit down and actually do it. Get out some paper, put your ideas on the paper and see where it takes you. I have been told by a lot of people that an author shouldn’t do her/his own illustrations and vice versa. I say of course you can.

When is your next book coming out? Any details you can give us?
The next book, called Spunky the Dog, will be out in about two weeks, and the following one, called The Good Foodies should be out in about two months. In Spunky the Dog, (my favorite), kids learn about being nice, and in The Good Foodies, kids learn about making healthy food choices. Once published, there will be eleven in all (who knows how many after that).

I have also written a number of adult fiction novels.  One, Letter 16, is out to publishers right now and the next one, Irish Eyes, will go out in late April.

Catch E G Ryan and Rex Bailey this Sunday at the Corner Store, 1118 W. 37th St. in San Pedro. Click on the flyer below to view larger.

Additional Links: EG Ryan’s books on Amazon and EG Ryan reading her books on YouTube.

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