Residents voice concerns at landslide meeting

Richard Havenick addresses the residents at last night's landslide meeting.

Last night’s CSPNC White Point landslide committee meeting at the Cetacean Center was a full house with 60+ people in attendance. Speakers included Vice-President and Commissioner at Los Angeles Board of Public Works Jerilyn López Mendoza, City Councilman Joe Buscaino, Congresswoman Laura Richardson, Los Angeles City Deputy Engineer Vincent Jones and Richard Havenick, Chair of the landslide committee. Ricardo Hong, Harbor Representative for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and Hector Bordas, Area Engineer for the Flood Control District, DPW were also present.

Residents voiced concerns about new cracks on the south trail at Paseo del Mar and Weymouth. The Bureau of Engineering sent a surveyor out to check the cracks just the day before the meeting. They will let the residents know what they determine. There are 25–26 monitoring stations surrounding the landslide area that are being checked monthly. No movement has been detected since November.

In case of an emergency, the Los Angeles Police Department is prepared to evacuate nearby residents via reverse 911, patrol car P.A. system, and door to door notification.

Requests were made to look into traffic issues, not just on Paseo del Mar but also Alma, Hamilton, Weymouth and 37th Streets.

One resident said that water is leaking from the LAAFB at Silvius and Hamilton into the nature preserve which may cause problems.

Several sections of old storm runoff pipe seem to be dangling precariously over the cliff bringing up safety concerns for anyone on the beach below.

Multiple calls to the city’s 311 service about graffiti inside the fenced-off area got nowhere so resident Russ Parkison took matters into his own hands and painted it out himself. Thanks, Russ!

Andrea Vona, Executive Director of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy addressed concerns about watering at the White Point Nature Preserve. She stated that watering occurs only two times a year. Andrea requested that the sewer line be reconnected to the nature center.

June Burlingame Smith of the CSPNC has been working on trying to locate the utility maps of the old Nike site. Marcie Miller, also a CSPNC member, had inquiries about funding earmarked for Paseo del Mar. Congresswoman Richardson promised to help with her connections to FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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