Olquin Campus, Landslide, pools, crime and other updates

The following information is from the Point Fermin Residents Association meeting held on Feburary 4th. These are not official minutes of the meeting so if anyone would like to add or change anything, please let us know below in the comments section or email us.

The Point Fermin Residents Association is looking for help with the officers positions of president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. How about signing up for a year to help out?

Crime & Safety
• A rape was reported on January 19 at Paseo del Mar and Gaffey St.
• LAPD Harbor Division is looking for people under the age of 30 for community input.
• Skateboarders continue to use Overlook Park on Pacific Ave as a skate park.
• Police will ticket skateboarders under the age of 18 not wearing protective gear.
• Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) meetings for the public are held every third Thursday at 6:30 pm at the LAPD Harbor Station, 2175 John S. Gibson Blvd.
• There was discussion about fencing and keeping people out of Sunken City and the White Point Landslide area.
• Suspicious characters seen walking down Gaffey Street and shoes have been thrown over telephone wires (possibly representing drug sales). Report all suspicious activity to police immediately.
• Graffiti seen on Alma St. and the steps from 39th Street to the beach.
• 39th Street between Gaffey and Carolina Streets is in bad condition.
• The trees at Point Fermin Park are overdue for trimming. The last tree trimming was done in the 80s after a falling tree limb injured a person.

Angels Gate Cultural Center
• Executive Director Deborah Lewis has put AGCC on sound financial footing.
• Isabelle Lutterodt,Visual Arts Director, is responsible for turning focus of exhibitions towards the local community. Check out the current Dear Harbor exhibit.
• Two years ago, AGCC was working with 25 area schools. They have expanded to 75 schools this year.

Council District 15
• Jacob Haik, District Director, and John Larson, Field Deputy for San Pedro, attended the meeting to update the residents on the CD15 staff and listen to concerns to relay to City Councilman Joe Buscaino.
• The Councilman has requested a 50% cut in downtown parking meter fees. This is an action that can be acted on immediately while the request for the removal of the parking meters goes through necessary channels.

White Point Landslide
• No maps of water and sewer lines under the Nike missile site were given to the city when the city took over control of the property.
• In the past, there was reportedly flooding which was pumped out in the tunnels under the site. The fire department has gone into the tunnels earlier this season and found no flooding. They will be inspecting the tunnels again on Feburary 8 (tentative date).
• The area on the southern trail that appears constantly wet is not a factor of the slide that we know of.
• The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) is looking into $2 million in funding that was earmarked for Paseo del Mar but was used instead further north, possibly Santa Monica.
• The CSPNC is forming a Paseo del Mar ad hoc committee to discuss issues with the landslide and continue dialogue with the city and county agencies. Residents who are interested in serving on the committee are encouraged to contact the CSPNC. Nominations will be taken at the next meeting on Monday, February 27.

Fort MacArthur Museum & Gaffey Street Pool
• Steve Nelson, Fort MacArthur Museum Director, gave us an update.
• No new significant action has occurred with the “Hey, Rookie!” Pool. City engineers had a walk-through of the site. The current plan is to maintain the pool as historically as possible. An ADA bathroom will be added.
• There is currently $1 million in Prop K money plus and addition $6.9 million to rehabilitate the pool.
• The Great Air Raid will be held on February 18. There will be lots of swing dancing and pyrotechnics for about ten minutes. A sherman tank will be fired off in memory of late sherman tank driver, Bill Morgan.

San Pedro High School, John M. and Muriel Olguin Campus
• The heated pool will be 25 ft x 25 yds x 4′ deep. There will also be a small warm-up pool with a shallower depth. The SPHS swim team has been using the Banning pool and are looking forward to a local pool to train at.
• The bird migration study has been completed and the approval for wind turbines given. Instead of the originally planned 37 turbines, there will now be four or five. 80% of the power used at the school will be generated on site, mostly using photovoltaics.
• Transportation money is currently an issue.
• The majority of teachers will be based at the Olguin campus with other teachers and students commuting back and forth between the Olquin campus and the “flagship” SPHS.
• The school will be a magnet school — Marine Science Magnet and Police Academy Magnet — with 40 slots open on a lottery system for local students. Sixty percent of the magnet students are currently local.
• Several redwood trees were relocated to widen Barlow Saxton Road at the school entrance at Gaffey St.
• The addition of a traffic light at Gaffey Street and 32nd St/Barlow Saxton Road has already begun and will be fully functional when school starts on Monday, August 13.
• There will be an open house for the public on Thursday, August 9th at 6:00 pm.

The Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center will be opening soon after a brief delay. We heard interesting stories about past beautification projects, the planting of a 100 tree pine forest along Barlow Saxton Road, the origin of Angels Gate Cultural Center as an artist occupy movement, the saving of the Point Fermin Community Center from demolition, and we finished the meeting with the siting of a pod of dolphin off the point!

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