CSPNC to discuss landslide at 12/19 meeting

The Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council (CSPNC) will be holding their monthly board meeting this coming Monday. There are two items on the agenda that affect the San Pedro coast area.

One motion thanks Los Angeles City and County personnel for their efforts regarding the landslide and the other requests specific testing to be done at the landslide area and no permanent structures be installed until this testing is complete (see actual motions below).

To voice your opinion, please attend the CSPNC meeting on Monday, December 19th at 6:30 pm at the Cabrillo Marina Community Building at Cabrillo Plaza, Berth 28. If you are unable to attend, you may write to the CSPNC board members.

8. Motion expressing gratitude to Los Angeles City and County personnel and stakeholders for efforts regarding the Paseo Del Mar landslide.
Marcie Miller, second by Lydia Guttierez

Whereas the Paseo Del Mar landslide is located within the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council District, and
Whereas the loss of our beloved Paseo del Mar has brought profound sadness and anxiety to our coastal community,
The Governing Board of the San Pedro Neighborhood Council, on behalf of our stakeholders, extends our gratitude to Los Angeles City and County representatives and work crews for their efforts to ensure public safety under the most unpredictable and dangerous circumstances, and
Further, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council expresses admiration and gratitude for the individual expression and collective actions of our stakeholders, which together serve as historical record of this significant geological event.

9. Motion concerning City investigations and erection of permanent structures in the Paseo Del Mar landslide area.
Port and Environment Committee
Whereas the City is responsible for the storm water drainage on its property, and
Whereas the White Point Nature Preserve is under City ownership and must depend on the City for storm water drainage, water connections, and sewer infrastructure, and
Whereas geotechnical studies are now being conducted by the City in the Paseo del Mar landslide area, and
Whereas hydrology studies are not being conducted, and
Whereas the current studies do not include subsurface imaging technology or best-method tracking to determine water source origins, and
Whereas the White Point Nature Preserve was used by the military for many decades and includes underground infrastructure like the Nike site, tunneling, water pipes, sewerage pipes, and storage tanks, and
Whereas the residents who live on the perimeter of the slide area are asking that the City do a thorough investigation of the Paseo landslide, with immediate attention to the east side adjacent to the existing residential area, as the best guide for the City in protecting the interests of those homeowners,
Now therefore, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council urgently requests that the City include in its examination: the hydrology, the underground infrastructure, water sourcing, underground imaging and the geology encompassing the entire White Point Nature Preserve in the City’s assessment of the Paseo del Mar slide area in order to assure that the final report is thorough and comprehensive, and
The CSPNC further requests that no new permanent structure be approved in the designated slide area — excluding residential property improvements — until this comprehensive assessment is completed and shared with the Neighborhood Council and residents of the affected area.

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