Landslide and Nature Preserve News

City of L.A. Dept. of Public Works updates on the landslide:

  • The County of Los Angeles contractor completed construction activities at the east end of Paseo Del Mar landslide area on 12-8-2011.
  • All construction equipment and materials were removed from the east end of Paseo Del Mar landslide area on 12-8-2011.
  • As a result, a security guard will no longer be stationed at the east end of Paseo Del Mar near Weymouth Avenue.
  • Geotechnical specialists continue exploratory drilling operations to determine the ongoing extent of this landslide.
  • The drilling process and data collection will continue for approximately three weeks.
  • The City of Los Angeles previously erected an 8-foot tall chain link fence around the slide boundaries to keep people away from this unsafe area.
  • Residents and visitors are urged to keep out of the closed-off area as it presents an immediate and life-threatening hazard.

White Point Nature Preserve updates from the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy:

  • The consultants for the City of Los Angeles (Shannon & Wilson Inc.) are installing 9 survey sites (inclinometers) at White Point to monitor the landslide. This will require accessing the sites with a rig spanning 6 feet in width. The digging will disturb an area approximately 10 feet in diameter per bore, with additional minimal disturbance in an additional 10 feet beyond this. Once the surveying equipment is installed, each hole will be covered at ground level, and will need to be accessed on foot about once a month. Work is expected to take 3 weeks to complete. They will be working on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • During rain events, Rec and Parks will be closing the southern trail which runs from the parking area to the Weymouth/Paseo del Mar entrance to the Preserve.  To maintain clear access, we also requested that detour signage be in place to direct people to the next closest entry/exit to the Preserve.
  • We pursued the issue and received confirmation that the T-gate will be now closed nightly to the parking area of the Preserve.  Due to budget cuts, it was only being closed on average of every other night by the Office of Public Safety.  Thank you 15th District Council Office for your support in facilitating this!

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